cent cog: scissored grounder

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 · In his office was an old, spectacled clerk–a consecrated, informed, able machine, who held his desk regardless of changes of administrative heads. Old Kauffman instructed his new chief gradually in the knowledge of the department without seeming to do so, and kept the wheels revolving without the slip of a cog.

daily times [leavenworth, ks], june 29, 1862, p. 2, c. 2 Chivalric Dames. A letter from New Orleans, going the rounds of the Mississippi papers give us all we want to know in relation to the conduct of the fair rebels of the Crescent City.

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When Pedro Alvarez misplayed a hard grounder and both runners scored, the more casual fans around me groaned. Or swore. Or just stared silently at field. But I knew it was coming. I felt it coming. New, novel ways to lose winnable baseball games. That is what the last twenty years has been about for me. Except this time.it was different.

Apoyos Guadalupe. Every time it shifts a cog, The lone exception came on Eduardo Nunezâ s two-base throwing error on Longoriaâ s grounder to start the.