Entropy and enthalpy are two important properties of a thermodynamic system. Though they are different from one another, they are related. This post provides a comparison between the two and also tells you the relationship between them, with the help of examples.

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Let me draw a good old PV diagram. That’s my pressure axis, this is my volume axis. Just like that, I have pressure and volume. I showed several videos ago that if we start at some state here in the PV diagram, right there, and that I change the pressure and the volume to get to another state, and I do it in a quasistatic way, so essentially I’m always close to equilibrium, so my state.

Most of us have experienced temperature changes in the solvent when a solute is dissolved in the solvent. An example of this is when we add an acid like sulfuric acid to water with the solution.

The solid phase of matter is a state wherein a substance is particulately bound. To transform a solid into liquid, the intermolecular forces need to be overcome, which may be achieved by adding energy.

The total heat content of the air or enthalpy of air comprises of the sensible heat and the latent heat. The sensible heat is the heat absorbed or lost during the change in temperature of the air. The latent heat is the heat lost or absorbed during change in phase of the water vapor present in the air. Let us see these heats in more details.

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I’m going to assume you want to know what enthalpy (H) is since you’ve also just learned about internal energy (E or U) and don’t know the difference. First, enthalpy is another way to measure energy changes in a system. So why do chemists use it.

s is the steam entropy; suffix – f – referrer to saturated liquid suffix – g – referrer to saturated vapor – steam Internal energy – u – can be calculated from (2) and is often omitted in tables.v f – change very little and is also often omitted.. 1) referrer to absolute vacuum. 2) referrer to water boiling at standard atmosphere.