Why Are Rocket Dockets No Longer Used In Foreclosure Cases?

A Florida Court's 'rocket docket' blasts Through Foreclosure Cases. No area has been hit harder than Lee County, a largely. From 2000 to 2005, house prices in Cape Coral more than doubled.. During a break in the hearing, lawyers used dollies to wheel in boxes containing hundreds of case files,

Say bye-bye to Florida’s rocket-docket foreclosure courts. Facing a major fiscal crunch, state lawmakers have opted not to renew in special funding for the court system to dig its way out from an.

I believe there are a lot of deeds where the actual paper no longer exist but is still being paid on, which could make problems that may not show up for 10 – 20 years (or more) depending on the case. I think there are deeds that are being paid on and no longer exist and can’t be produced (unless they are recreated (but would be missing buyers.

What are the Consequences of Walking Away from My Property? Is it legal/moral/ethical to walk away from a way-under-water mortgage on a condo, or what would you suggest for a woman who is marrying in Sept and will be living in her husband’s home?

If a case is erroneously designated as critical or the condition that formed the basis of the critical designation is no longer present, the HOCALJ or his or her designee may remove the critical designation.

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Florida Courts May Begin dismissing foreclosure lawsuits homeowners facing foreclosure could see additional, although potentially short-term, relief from the Florida courts in the near future. Those with pending foreclosure actions that have not moved forward may see the case against them dismissed by the court because the bank has essentially.

Case information may be obtained in person at the Clerk of Courts’ offices or by contacting the Clerk’s docket information line at 216-443-7950. SEARCHES To perform a search: first select which kind of search you wish to perform, doing so will load the correct search fields.

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Your case will be rescheduled. Generally, notification of your new court date is sent by mail. However, you may contact the clerk of court’s office of the county in which you were charged once they reopen to normal office hours to ask about the local procedure for being notified of your new court date. If you are represented by counsel, you also may contact your attorney.

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